Sunny Sunday

Minggu, 01 September 2019

Hi fellas!

It's good to go back to this blog!
Guess what? Now I'm in the 7th semester. It means that one or two years from now, I will leave the college and find my way to make a living. It also means more responsibility to come. Sounds so frustrating, right? However, I will do my best to finish my study and to enjoy everything that I do these days.

I give the title, "Sunny Sunday" because the photos were literally taken on Sunday and when the weather was sunny. Big thanks to my brother who took the pictures :)

I just notice that a small detail on our outfit can make an outstanding look. That's what I was thinking when I created this look. After that, I added denim jacket to make a more casual look. Then, I put on my white sneakers as the final touch. Seriously, white sneakers are such a versatile item. They can be paired with many looks and suitable for many occasions. 

 top: Uniqlo // denim jacket: unbranded // plaid pants: @cottonbellshop // sneakers: Rubi

Wandering Around

Minggu, 14 April 2019

yellow hoodie and legging: H&M // black mini skirt: Forever 21 // platform shoes: Mighty8Shoes

Hi fellas! It's nice to see you again! :))

Probably this is the post with the most number of pictures. There are 16 pictures in total. First of all, I would like to thank my friend, Nindy for taking the pictures. The photoshoot session was fun. We took pictures for each other at that time. Then, we were busy picking the best pictures while chit-chatting. These pictures were taken on Thursday and Thursday is the day where we can meet each other since now we are in the different class. So, yeah, this photoshoot session is also our quality time. Once again, thank you, Nin!

Honestly, I really adore this look so much. I like how the hoodie can be mixed with mini skirt and platform shoes. I matched the hoodie with the mini skirt because I was kinda bored seeing people wearing hoodie+trousers combo. In this look, I wore legging instead of tights because my tights aren't black but they more like grey-ish, so I changed my plan by wearing legging. Then, since the legging is quite long for me, I tucked the legs into my shoes as if I wore tights. For those who wants to wear something a little bit extraordinary outfit to the college, you may opt into this kind of look. Another thing, you may use long socks with or without patterns. For the shoes, you may use sneakers, oxford shoes, or boots. For the socks or tights, I personally prefer the black-colored ones because black is a versatile color.

In this occasion, I would like to share my thoughts that fill my mind these days. First, it's about future. Until now, I can't figure my future. What I want to be? What are the things that move me the most? What is my passion? What is my plan for the next 5 or 10 years? What can I do to improve myself in the future? There is my "childish" self that wants me to just enjoy the days without making a long-term plan but there is also my "mature" self that wants me to start thinking about my future job and life after graduating from college.'s confusing and tiring! Have you ever feel the same? Maybe I will take a time for figuring it out by listing the things that attract me the most and my dream companies. Also listing the skills that I need to practice from now on. 

Then, I would like to thank my friends. Interacting with all of you is absolutely a new thing for me. Thanks to you, now I encourage myself to open my mind and immerse myself with things such as, world events, latest issues, and lots of memes hehehe. Furthermore, interacting with you makes me realize the importance of living the life to the fullest and to appreciate every single progress and things that I do because who knows that it will inspire my surroundings. 

Remember, to appreciate every single progress that you make, even if it's just a small one :)

Sincerely yours,


My Top 5 Wishlist (Fashion Edition)

Jumat, 29 Maret 2019

Hi fellas!

I'm so glad that the mid-term exam week is finally done!! Yayyy...I can't wait to drop something here. I believe that you have something that you have wished for since a long long time ago. Now, I would like to tell you about five fashion items that I want the most. Happy reading!

1. Ankle Boots

pic source:

I've been wanting for these boots since around November 2018 after I met my friend who was wearing the boots. It's included in my wishlist because of the edgy touch that they give to every outfit I would wear. 

2. Oxford Shoes

Pic source:
The reason why I want this shoe is it can enhance the boyish or formal look. For the color, I prefer black oxford shoes. When I'm writing this, I can imagine myself wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with a suspender. Then, it paired with plaid trousers or chinos. After that, I put the bowler hat on and finally, I wear this black oxford. Until now, I still can't find the store that sell the shoes.

3. White off-shoulder

pic source:
White off-shoulder is a versatile piece for me. It can be paired with trousers or denim for a more casual look and with striped skirt for a girly look. Once, I saw this outfit at Uniqlo. It was simple, with no much detail on it, but it looks beautiful. Everything was perfect. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't meet this off-shoulder and finally we must say good bye to each other huhuhu :(

4. Bright-colored denim dungarees

pic source:

I want to have this kind of dungarees in order to accompany my dark colored dungaree. Besides, it blends well with any kind of outfit. For the preference, I prefer the long-legged(?) dungarees, so I can wear it to college as well.

5. Striped shirt

pic source:

I want to have this shirt because I want to re-create Eun Jiwon's outfit when he was performing at 8090 Concert (even tho I can't beat his sexiness). For your information, Eun Jiwon is the leader of Sechskies, a Kpop group that made its debut in 1997 and now successfully return to music industry with the 5th album, Another Light (any sign for another comeback this year, guys?) Another information, during the 8090 Concert, Eun Jiwon looked so hot wearing that striped shirt. 

Credit: on pic (Page One)
Here he is, the one and only Sechskies leader, Eun Jiwon :))

Yes, guys, he solidifies my reason for having this striped shirt. Of course, I will style it in my own way. Actually, on January, I passed a department store and this store sold this stripe shirt, and the shirt was discounted as well!! Now, I'm kinda regretting my decision for not buying this shirt earlier. Hopefully, I can find (and buy) this shirt and start re-creating his look.

Alright, guys, here are the items that included in my wishlist. What are the items that included in your wishlist at the moment? 

Before Hitting the Sack - My First Time in Babbling

Jumat, 08 Maret 2019

Hi fellas!

Since I begin writing in this blog again, I decided to broaden my content, so I will not only post my ootd photos, but also other fashion-related things, such as my wishlist, my essential outfits, and so on. Furthermore, I will also post things that non-fashion related, such as thoughts, flash fictions, and poems. I will put them under the "babbling" label. As the first trial, here is my poem that I wrote during the morning class. I hope you enjoy the poem :)

Before Hitting the Sack
The sun is about to enter the dreamland
City lights finally say “hi” to each other
It’s time to say goodbye to my friends
Now, I’m going to hit the slumber

The fading mascara becomes my scenery
I can see the colors leave my face
The moment I see the reflection of mine
My mind begins to wander my own image
(Nazz, 2019-03-08)

Pinkish Afternoon

Sabtu, 02 Maret 2019

pink shirt dress: Giordano, denim jacket: unbranded, sling bag: Miniso, white sneakers: Rubi

Hi fellas!

It's great to see you again! How's your day? Hopefully, your day is filled with joy wherever you are. You know what? It's March already! How time flies so fast and now I'm in the third week of college. Now, I'm in the 6th semester. It means that I need little more steps to reach my degree. OMG, I wish that time won't fly that fast so that I can enjoy my days as a college student. What are the good things that you can enjoy as a college student?

These pictures were taken when I attended my cousin's birthday. Since the party's theme is "Colorful", I thought that this dress is suitable for the theme. To make the dress less plain, I paired it with my denim jacket. Then, I added the white sneakers and sling bag to create the casual party look. I think this look is perfect for attending a party in the afternoon or hanging out with your gang on the weekend. 

Swaggy Minion

Senin, 18 Februari 2019

I'm so glad that I have turned my imagination into reality, which is to dress like a minion. Although, my overall is so much darker than what minion wears.

For me, overall is such a versatile outfit. It can make your simple outfit appears more stylish. If you want to have a casual style, you can pair it with your favorite t-shirt and sneakers, or pair it with shirt to get the semi formal look. 

Don't forget to put some statement accessories to pump up your look, such as snapback or bucket hat.

yellow tee - Super T, sneakers - Skechers, overall - bought at Ramayana Dept. Store, Cho2 snapback from Kaskus

Sunny Sunday

Hi fellas! It's good to go back to this blog! Guess what? Now I'm in the 7th semester. It means that one or two years from no...